It’s the Fonz

All good things trash, b- grade and nothing else in particular were in plentiful supply at a feends show. Maybe Henry winkler did show up? Heeeeeh…..


“Giant Ant – you’ve taken my girl!”

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Post Richard Lane the Chevelles were in full swing in the early nineties with a slew of great singles off their Gigantic LP on the Survival label. There was no murder on her mind just great pop at the Arcadia on this night.


“can’t pretend”

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She’s my kinda girl

Amongst the ever changing Summer Suns line up one thing remained true – the ability to churn out three minute pop gems.  Their live shows were a fairly rare event and like this one had a bit a of a nice intimate feel about them.

“all I know is that i fell in love”

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At First Sight..violets are blue

I remember the hype around town leading up to the Stems album launch for At fist sight …violets are blue.  The shents was full to the brim and the band at the top of their game.  It was a show that sticks in the memory.  Were you there?

“I hit the ceiling I feel ten feet tall”

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Thin Lizzie

Superscope burst onto the scene in the mid nineties with a buffo tom-esque wall of guitar pop sound.  Lead by the laconic Kev Borusso the band were a fave of mine (so much so that i signed em up) We even managed to get them on a nice run of shows like this one once in a while!

“If I see you in the morning I don’t know if i ever wanted to”

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University Gig Night

Every University has them.  The uni bar or refectory (call it what you like) with cheap beer on a Friday afternoon or evening and the possibility of a the odd local or touring act showing up for a bit of entertainment.  Sometimes when it’s bill includes the Go-Betweens those shows are just a little more special

 “Only 4 bucks!”

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Love Sign

The Neptunes never took themselves too seriously.  Is this handbill simply a bit of slap dash or were the band simply a few old fossils having a good time.  The thing is it wouldn’t have mattered either way as they always rocked the house (or the sea!)

P.S I always love a handbill with bonus sticky tape marks!

“Make a Love Sign”

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