It wasn’t so long ago that (okay so nearly 20 years but whose counting!) that you had to flip through the entertainment section of your local paper to find out where your favourite local band was playing next.  And if you were lucky enough the band may have printed a handbill.  You know – a little paper print that a band would use to promote their next show or run of shows. Or perhaps their upcoming vinyl single, EP (remember them?) or even a cassette.  The handbills were found  at the front door of the show, on the pin-up at the local record store  and sometimes a dazed fan would place them under the windscreen wipers of your car on a cold rainy night! (awh – it was fun!).  Someone once told me the “handbill” was a bit of a Perth thing.  That place on “the otherside” of Australia.  Bands that were so far away from the hub of the hustle of the east coast that self promotion was not only vital it seemed to be a given. Even when bands came across the Nullabor I’d reckon a fair measure of success lay in the quality of the handbills.  Today computers, the internet, facebook and other social networking media have meant the “paper version” of the handbill lies in another era.   However a few foot soldiers from back then (fish and dave) happened to collect handbills and store them in their sock draws knowing that one day it might be time to restore some glory to those days   (okay – so there was no plan!)

So this is a collection of those handbills and the albums they supported and the stories they told from the otherside (read – Perth). I hope you enjoy….


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